Worcester Racecourse

Worcester Racecourse

Worcester racecourse in Worcestershire England is one of the most iconic grounds for horseracing. It has a rich history which dates back to 1718. In the 19th century, the racecourse played host to important races such as the Gold Cup and Worcester Stakes. The racecourse is characterised by a beautiful tree-lined track and is situated on the banks of the River Severn.

Worcester racecourse is an oval shaped track and it is a left handed course which is very flat. It is also one of the longest racecourses in the UK with easy sweeping turns. It is a galloping left handed course track with an easy finish. The hurdles which are used are the brush type whose difficulty level is seen to be easy.

National Hunt racing takes place on this racecourse throughout the summer. Since it is a flat course, it is the best for novice hurdlers and chasers. So many horse racers have honed their skills at Worcester racecourse.

This racecourse is usually packed to the rafters on race days given that it gives the audience a chance to see competitive races facilitated by the decent size fields. Whether up or downhill, the course is left handed offering memorable races.

Worcester plays hoist to great races and some of the feature races include the first race which was in May this year which featured 79 runners. During the summer National Hunt fans witnessed exciting races where popular horses won and a 20 000 pound prize money was awarded to five time Worcester winner, Fairyinthewind back in August.

The management of the Worcester racecourse ensure that everything is in order during race days. A particular example of this was when in July, there was excruciating heat on the track but plenty of water was on offer for the horses to prevent dehydration and horses collapsing on the track.

There are plenty of hotels you can book in the Worcester area if you come from far that will accommodate you for the duration of your stay and for those who live nearby, there are eateries which offer great food.