Windsor Racecourse

Windsor Racecourse

Windsor Racecourse, popularly known as the Royal Windsor Racecourse is among England’s most stunning and well-maintained racing venues. Apart from Fontwell Park, it is the only other flat 2 figure-of-eight race course in the entire United Kingdom. Located in Windsor, Berkshire, the over 160 acre racecourse boasts of a serene island-like environment on the banks of River Thames. You will experience a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere from the moment you arrive within its vicinity.

Horse racing at the Windsor Racecourse is over a century old, dating back to the days of Henry VIII. The racecourse has been offering only flat racing since the year 1998, when it stopped holding National Hunt jump racing. Flat racing is usually held 27 times between April and October, without leaving out the famous Monday Night Racing event. Four family events are also held between May and August, which makes it a perfect fun and entertainment venue for everybody.

Summer afternoons are always vibrant with a vast array of activities taking place. Apart the exciting flat races, you will not miss to find conferences, meetings and families having fun. The afternoon tea is popular among members and visitors who come to experience and create memorable life moments. Sometimes there will be live music filling the air to further create an extraordinary environment.

There are three main enclosures for watching horse racing; you need to familiarize with them before booking your ticket. One can go for The Club, The Silver Ring, or The Grandstand. The Silver Ring, is however, open between May and August. The best thing is that all these enclosures have Tote betting facilities, bars, and amazing catering. They are also designed to allow spectators to easily watch action at the centre of the Course for the ultimate fun experience. Windsor Racecourse is a must-visit for everyone, whether you like participating in the real racing, or just watching.