Understanding Commonly Used Terms In Online Casino Dice Games

Online Casino Dice Games

Online casino dice games are fast gaining recognition and acceptance and are some of the most popular online games. Regardless of which online casino game one chooses, typically, all dice games involve the use of dice that’s played by throwing a pair of dice onto a particular online table, divided into various betting areas. Depending on the bet you choose, kindly note that some numbers on the dice got different implications.

Online casino games are exciting and action-packed, and players enjoy the thrill of playing, making money and the strategic thinking involved. As exciting as it is, it’s worthwhile to acquaint yourself with some of the basic online casino dice games terminologies before venturing into any. Here are some of the most commonly used terms which will help you in understanding online casino dice games. Pass betThis is the bet that’s placed, or that should be put before the first roll or the come-out roll. It will most likely result to the best odds.

Should you roll 7 or 11 in pass bet, the give yourself a pat on the back as you’ll win even money. However, should your throw land 2 or 3 or 12, then too bad as you automatically lose the initial round. But should you land any other number, then this number becomes your point number? Remember; your goal is that the shooter to roll and roll the point number till he gets it. Should the shooter land the point number before 7, then you win even money?

Don’t Pass bet This’s self-explanatory. It’s without a doubt the exact opposite of Pass bet. In the pass bet, 2 or 3 will pay out even money, and 7 or 11 will result to you losing the round. Immediately afterwards, should you roll 7 before the point number, you automatically win even money, but if you roll a point number first, you lose.

Come betThis type of bet is similar to the Pass bet, only that it’s placed after the pass bet. Here, you only win if you roll your point number before a 7.

PointThis number isn’t a specific one as it’s one that’s rolled in the come-out roll. It can be any number other than 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12. It then becomes the point number for the round.

Line bet This is the don’t pass line bet or the Pass Line bet and has adverse implications just as explained above.Hard wayThis is a case whereby both dices show the same numbers, like 22, 44 and is referred to as Hard 4 and or Hard 8 respectively.

Lay betIs a case in which you’re betting on 7 to show up before the point number but with different odds.

ShooterIs an online player who’s rolling the dice