Triple Crown

Triple Crown

In American horse racing the Triple Crown is the championship that is attributed to winning three races for three year old thoroughbreds The Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes in a single season. The three races happen on fixed dates which are the first Saturday of May for Kentucky Derby followed by Preakness Stakes two weeks later and then the Belmont Stakes three weeks later.

Thoroughbred racing the most popular of the three and what the majority of this article will be based on – involves a certain breed of horse known as a thoroughbred which has been bred and cross-bred for centuries to produce a fast, albeit fragile animal. Thoroughbreds can fetch millions of dollars as owners try to purchase potential racetrack superstars that they hope will earn them money on the racetrack as well as in the breeding shed once retired.

The Triple Crown is a coveted title and so are any of the three races that make the title. Each of the leg of the Triple Crown has a history associated each interesting in its own way. The Preakness Stakes that we are talking about has some interesting history to know. It was first run in 1873 and was named after the horse Preakness who won the Dinner Party Stakes in 1870. Governor Oden Bowie of Maryland requested at a social for sportsmen in 1868 to run The Dinner Party Stakes at Maryland and pledged to build the Pimlico race course. The Pimlico Race course was opened in 1870 with the first running of the Dinner Party Stakes. This was later renamed as the Dixie Handicap holds the honor of the 8th oldest stakes races in America.

The Preakness Stakes was introduced two years before the Kentucky Derby, but over the years it is sometimes looked as the lesser known of the Triple Crown Races. This is a Grade 1 race run over a distance of 9.5 furlongs in which colts and geldings carry 126 pounds and fillies 121 pounds

It’s so frustrating that Steve Coburn, owner of California Chrome, the latest Triple Crown hopeful to falter in the Belmont, called the owner and trainer of the winner cowards for not running their horse in all three Triple Crown races, as he had done.

That’s been an issue with the triple crown horse racing for a long time. To win the Triple Crown, a horse must win three races in three different states within five weeks’ time. The winner of the Kentucky Derby is not compelled to run in the Preakness two weeks later. And, if a horse wins both of those races, he is not compelled to run in the Belmont, That’s why winning a Triple Crown is such an impressive accomplishment. Well, it is part of the reason.

The Preakness Stakes may not make racing news as the Kentucky Derby, it is a welcome breather for horsemen on the Triple Crown Trail and rookies. Do we want to experience the horse races and famous horse racetracks of all times on the digital screen. Well it’s not a dream anymore. The horse racing simulation at Horse Racing Fantasy can give all the pleasure, fun of these legendary races that cannot be replaced any.