Today Horse Racing Results Matter More Than Ever To The Betting Pro.

Today Horse Racing Results

As betting pro's constantly look at their betting strategy, especially in horse racing, today horse racing results matter more than ever. The bettor can use the results to determine what weight a horse needs and what distance it should run at if it is likely to win the next race.

The creative bettor will analyze results to see which horse has performed the very best and produce a note of this horses running today. It really is very common for your professional horse bettor to note down a number of factors when deciding if to back a horse the subsequent time it runs.

First of all the gambler will observe is the distance between the winning horses running today in a race and the second and third horse, specifically in handicap races, because the official handicapper will change the weight on a horses back the subsequent time it runs. Where a horse has run more than its handicap mark it is going to obtain more weight and if horse running today has run beneath its handicap mark then it is going to have less weight the subsequent time it runs.

The key aspect about weight is the fact certain horses will improve as they lose weight and begin to win again. Other less mature horses might have been given a reduced handicap mark and although it can increase and put more weight on their back, they are going to still carry on and win as they progress through their careers. The sharp sports bettor has to take this into account.

The distance the horses running today is also very important to the bettor, as the horse may be put up in trip or distance the next time it runs. As a horse gets older, it generally improves its stamina and can run longer distances. The breeding of a horse will determine what its optimum trip is likely to be.

The racecourse at which the horses running today also have a direct effect on how it runs, some racecourses are undulating and others are flat. Some are dirt and all-weather courses with sand or polytrack surfaces and others are turf courses. The racecourses also vary in direction with some courses running in a left handed direction or anti-clockwise and others running in a right handed direction or clockwise. Some horses prefer running left handed and some prefer running right handed. Today horse racing results can give the professional bettor all this information.

It is therefore a fact that today horse racing results help the best horse racing bettors to decide which horses they will gamble on, the next time they place a bet. The knowledge that they can obtain from examining the recent race results can help them to make money in the long term.