Tips on Horse Racing and Reading the Horse Racing Schedule for Beginners

Horse Racing Schedule

Horse racing is an amazing past time that is fun and easy once you get the hang of it. One of the best things about racing is that you aren’t “playing against the house,” you are playing against the rest of the people watching the horse race, so you can actually win! Picking a winning horse will take some quick education, and a keen eye for your horse racing schedule.

Here is a little bit of the basics of horse racing:

First, if you are making a bet in person, try to seek out a teller who is an actual human being. They can fill you in on important information, a critical benefit for beginners, and they can ensure that you place your bet properly. Also the teller machines have long lines that you will have to wait a while at in order to use them.

Examine the horses physically before you place your wager. Make sure the horse looks alert, but not too alert that they might get jittery and blow the race. Shoot for alert, yet relaxed. Ensure your horse has a shiny coat and is not sweating excessively – this can be an indication that they are not in great health.

Never make a bet without looking at the program and racing form first. You can buy these at the track, or if you are betting offline, you can get them at the race’s website. Remember that you are betting against the other betters and make a wager accordingly. The money you bet on other gamblers is put into a pool, which separate pools kept for every type of wager that is made. If you win on your bet, you get part of the pool. So essentially, how much you win will depend on how many other people have also won. So the good news is that at least one person will win on a wager like this.

Here are some important things to note when you are picking a horse, many will be found on the Horse Racing Schedule

Note the race number
The time of day, found on the horse racing schedule
Note past results
Find out the condition of the track

What to say when you make the bet: (Much of the information will be provided on your horse racing schedule)

Tell the clerk the racetrack you are betting on and the race number, if you are betting on a racetrack that is different than the one you are at. Tell the horse racing teller the amount of money you would like to bet Specify the type of bet you would like to place Tell the clerk the horse’s program number.

Betting on horses can be a fun and exciting way to pass the time if you know what to look for on your horse racing schedule, and if you know a bit about what you are doing. Remember, you can actually win when you bet on the horses, so know what you are doing, and it will pay off.