Sedgefield Racecourse

Sedgefield Racecourse

Sedgefield Racecourse is a English horse racing-course which is close to the village Sedgefield situated south of the City of Durham. The course is left-handed,and it is exclusively used for jump racing only since the early days. The finishing straight is about three furlongs in length, and a steep descent followed by a climb to the winning post after the last fence.

In 2012 there were 18 fixtures held on this race course with meeting held almost each month other than June and July. These days the place is also being used for public events such as wedding and ceremonies, but its history goes back up to the 17th century though very little is known about these early meetings.

Notable Facts:

This Course is mostly used for jump races and the last fence was noted longer than the grand national course and had a staggering 525 yards run-in, however in 1994 the fence was replace by a regular length run-in instead of a water jump. Also In The Last Century, the Sedgefield Racecourse almost shutdown three times once because of the death of Harry Lane in 1977, second after the death of Mr. Scotto’s in 1996, and third after three horses died after running into and accident on the field.

The Race course survived all three closure threatening occasions after which the course was bought by Northern Racing in 2001, who 600 thousand pounds to upgrade all the enclosures, parade tings, places to eat and basically the entire stadium and even the toilets and sewage systems.

Upcoming Events:

There are a Many fixtures carried upon this race course each year one of the most notable being the Durham National held each April which features an unusual distance length of three and three quarter miles somewhat like its famous counterpart Aintree.