Ripon Racecourse

Ripon Racecourse

Ripon racecourse is a purebred horseracing venue in England. It is among the greatest attractions that have lasted over the years. The cathedral city boasts museums and historical buildings; Ripon has hosted the greatest races in the last three centuries. The racecourse attracts huge numbers of crowds globally who make a date to the eventful event. Ripon racecourse having been rated the best small racecourse, also offers a serene environment for family picnics, with assurance of great food and services as you enjoy the races.

Ripon hosts an annual horse race and includes great events like The Big night out, a family day, a ladies day out and other fixtures throughout the year that cater for all age groups including children. The race is a right-handed flat track with sharp turns and a run in of five furlongs, which slightly rises to the winning post. High numbers work well on the round course while low numbers do best in the sprints on fast ground.

Nothing beats a well-organized horse racecourse. The organizers ensure that you make the most out of the races; they offer the pre-parade ring before the main race. This is done twenty minutes before the main race. There is also the parade ring where the trainer meets their connectors, followed by the jockey for pre-race discussions. Ripon has betting rings and hence they allow placing of bets some few minutes before the race. During the race, they have epic viewing from all enclosures. After the race, all horses get back and are met by their grooms.

Ripon races come with great packages. The packages are well made to fit different tastes and preferences. They include platinum, gold, silver, bronze and barbeque and party packages that come with different discounts. Booking of the races is very easy and manageable as it can be done online and all tickets are delivered on time.

The costs too vary depending on the package preferred. This makes the Ripon racecourse one not to miss as it caters for all with their friendly budgets. Family, friends, corporates can enjoy the top-notch hospitality offered at Ripon. It serves as a means for staff motivation and family bonding. Ripon racecourse should be top of your bucket list. Anytime you think of a horse race, think of Ripon.