Redcar Racecourse

Redcar Racecourse

Redcar Racecourse is one of the best thoroughbred horse racing venues in England. The racecourse is located on Thrush Road, Redcar in North Yorkshire, England.

The Redcar Racecourse is a seaside track that is oval shaped and is known to be very flat in nature unlike other racecourses that are either uphill or downhill. It is one of the few full flat racecourses in England and the current racecourse was set up sometime during 1870 to 1875. Prior to the period, all races were held at Coatham.

The course is left handed and has an oval shape. The track is very hard to master as the tight-banked bends are very hard to maneuver around. The track is known for its 3f chute that is situated where the straight meets the top bend. The course is known to have the only traight Mile’ in the United Kingdom. Straight miles are referred to straight and level stretches on the racecourse. The straight course is often used for one-mile races for younger horses.

There are many quality races that are held on the track in a flat season and one of the most popular races include a 150,000-pound nursery race that is meant for 2 year old horses. Due to the sophisticated nature of the racecourse, Redcar manages to attract some of the best quality horses and trainers around.

Redcar Racecourse also doubles up as a full time events center due to it being in the Tees Valley area. The owners and trainers’ facilities at the racecourse are great for relaxing between races and training. The course also features two restaurants – The Crow’s Nest and the Voltigeur.

The Redcar Racecourse is mostly active during the period of April to November, spread across 18 weekends. The great racecourse combined with the smart facilities makes it one of the best racecourses in the country.