Racing Tipster You Should Trust

Racing Tipster

The first thing people to do is contact their prospective racing tipster. This may sound basic and almost elementary; however it is an excellent way of finding out about them and an effective way to start forming an opinion of them.

A few emails to begin with should suffice; ask about their background, their successes, and their failures. Try to establish how long they have been providing racing tips to punters and how they got into horse racing.

Ask them how successful their service is. Anyone who claims they've never had failures can be eliminated from your list straight away, as can the tipsters who claim make you rich overnight with a strike rate of 95 per cent.

If they are charging a subscription or one-off fee for their services, then ask them if they can offer you a free trial of their service. If they're genuine, and they're keen to increase their membership, plus keep their reputation intact, and then they ought to oblige you a trial period of their racing tips.

Once again, anyone who comes across as reluctant to do so, or evasive, avoiding particular questions should be prevented. Furthermore, you are certain to start forming an opinion of them over time, and your gut instinct may well tell you that they are not to be trusted.

Should You Follow Your Initial Impression?

This is an intriguing one, as you're never satisfied to know whether you've made the right choice until you've made it. The main thing is, if you're experimenting without paying a penny, then, at least, you're not throwing money away to find out that the service you've chosen is not suitable for you.

It sounds like an interrogation, coupled with a sprinkling of science and a bit of gut instinct thrown in, but seriously this is easier than you think. By asking specific questions, some of which I have highlighted in this article, you will be able to more accurately assess the good from the not so good.

As you ask more questions and start to form a little relationship with a tipster, you should start to think whether or not you feel this is right, and whether he can be trusted to give you the information that's going to get you some winners on a relatively regular basis.

It's a bit like buying a car, as you know what you want the result to be, for example, own a car, or in this case, achieve some winners.

The key lies in the person ‘selling' you the car (or racing tips), as if you develop a good relationship with him, you may be tempted to buy from him, however if there appears to be something not quite right about him, then walk away.