Racecards: The Tool of a Discerning Gambler


At a horse race, the racecard in a reference guide that provide a wealth of information relating to the location of the race, the racing participants, and the current statistics and betting odds of each contestant. As an example, say that you were attending a race at Fakenham and wished to make a bet on your favorite horse, Penny Delight.

Horse races are a staple pastime that is firmly entrenched in both European and American culture. Whether you plan on just coming to watch the horses and jockeys perform or to make a bit of money on the betting route, it’s imperative that you obtain and understand horse racing racecards.

You examine the horse racing racecard and, to your consternation, notice that Penny Delight is getting odds of 14 to 1. This means that, while the odds are stacked heavily against you, if Penny Delight takes the race, you will earn considerably more money than you risked at the outset.

However, if you wish to bet more conservatively, you notice that Rotterdam Special, a competitor of Penny Delight’s, is a favorite to win at simply 2 to 1 odds. While your earning will be far less if you take this bet, your investment is much safer than the long shot of taking 14 to 1 on Penny Delight. This is a prime example of how reading your horse racing race card can help you in the betting process.

Remember that the most important thing about spending a day at the races is having fun! Don’t ever bet more than you can stand to lose, and utilize your horse racing race card to give yourself an edge when it comes to placing your wagers on various contestants. This is the mark of a discerning horse track bettor, and is the reason that horse racing racecards are so valuable.