Race Horses For Sale

Race Horses For Sale

In recent years online sites with databases of race horses for sale have emerged making the whole procedure a lot easier.

Horse racing is one of the most ancient sports in history, varying widely depending on the country they are taking place. Horses are raced mainly for sport and entertaining purposes although one of the most prospering activities in the industry is race horse selling.

The main purpose of selling race horses is obviously the profit and the prices range from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars depending on the breed, the condition, the pedigree, the age of the race horse and the market condition.

One of the most determining factors of the price of the race horse is its ancestors. Racing horses that come from purebred parents that have gained metals or awards as racing horses in the past are more likely to be priced higher than the ones who don't come from racing parents.

One of the most expensive if not the most expensive race horse sale in history is that of the Green Monkey named horse, which has sold for over 18.8 million dollars in 2006.Bearing that price in mind makes it easy to imagine how lucrative is this industry to certain individuals.

Record auction prices in race horse sales are usually producing a lot of headlines, though the selling price point is not an indicator of future performance in many cases.

The Green Monkey has suffered from various injuries and its market value has dropped significantly since 2006.Of course or race horses for sale, require a certain amount of caring and health checking if the buyer in buying the horse as an investment in order to sell it at a higher price later.

Race horses require everyday training and racing exercises as well as high quality nutrition in order to thrive and be able to continue taking part in races.