Predict a Winner

Predict a Winner

It’s an age old question; can you really predict a winner of a horse race? Some say, you bet. If you run in horse racing circles, you’ve no doubt heard the term; handicapping. It is one of most well-known methods of predicting winners. Handicapping is basically figuring out who has the advantage, who will likely win.

It’s actually considered an art and it can give you the best chance to pick the winner, and make some money. There are people who actually make a very good living from handicapping horse races.

There is a science behind it. You basically take the daily racing form and study. You look at the past performances. How many races has each horse won or lost? You also have to look at what their past speeds were and how they race on certain tracks. Of course, the horse isn’t the only player. You also have to consider the trainer and jockey. What are their stats? You take all of your information and basically build a chart. It may sound easy, but of course, it is not. It is an awful lot of research and perhaps some luck, as well.

Once you have your statistics, you have to decide what – if anything – you want to wager. Is it worth your money? Someone else’s money? Handicapping is a sport in and of itself. There are countless websites, newspapers and blogs that can help you predict which horse is likely to win the race. It’s always a gamble to take the advice of a handicapper, but that is what it’s all about.

Once you make your pick, place your bet and get ready to bite your nails, because they’re off and running. Maybe your prediction is right and you’ll win big, or maybe you will miss out on the big one this time.