Pontefract Racecourse

Pontefract Racecourse


Pontefract Racecourse is found in England in Pontefract, Yorkshire. The racecourse is a thoroughbred horse racing owned by Pontefract Park Race Company Ltd. It hosts flat races that are normally screened on Racing UK. It is a very popular destination for race lovers from UK and Ireland.


Racing track of this racecourse is left-handed undulating with a very sharp bend as you approach the home straight. This bed usually advantages those that are racing from the inside track.

There is a hill that makes the race quite testing on the last 3 furlongs. In 1983, the initial 1 mile horseshoe course was replaced with a 2-mile full circuit making it one of the longest flat racing circuit that run continuously in the entire Europe. The racecourse has staged one of the longest races in the calendar of races Europe covering a distance of 2 miles 5 furlong 133 yards.

HistoryThe first racing activity in Pontefract is recorded to have taken palace in 1648. Races at this time we hosted in meadows close to the town but were later discontinued. The sport was restated in 1801 and hasn’t been stopped since then. Races were conducted in September, and it is argued that they received a considerable number of people.

When most of the racecourses in the UK were not in use during the World War II, major races were held here. Some notable ones include November and Lincoln Handicaps. In 1952, Pontefract Racecourse set up a photo finish and a dope testing facility. It thus, became the first racecourse to test doping in horses in the racing facility.

The racecourse maintained its age-old tradition of starting its races at 2.45 pm to give miners who worked in adjacent colliery an opportunity to race after finishing their morning shift at the mines.

Notable Races

The most notable races at Pontefract Racecourse include the Pontefract Castle Stakes. This is a listed race covering 1 mile 4 furlongs 8 yards involving horses that are four and above years old.

Flying Fillies' Stakes is another race that was held here involving horses three and above years covering a distance of 6 furlongs. This race is held on a Sunday in August. There is also the Silver Tankard Stakes race held on a Monday in October. The race involved two-year-old horses covering a distance of 1 mile 4 yards.


The racecourse provides options for drinking and eating. You may choose to enjoy the exclusive luxury of the private boxes or the Yorkshire famous chips and fish that are served from a mobile unit around the race course. You may also choose to enjoy a glass of Champagne in the Champagne Bar or a pint of old Yorkshire bitter while at the Picnic Enclosure. The prices also are friendly to everyone’s budget.


Pontefract Racecourse has provided the real thrill of watching top-class horse racing in the UK. With its well-distributed race fixtures in the year, there is always a day suitable for you if you are a resident or not. A day spent in this facility will feed you with life-long memories. You will be left yearning for more.