Newbury Racecourse

Newbury Racecourse


Located in the Civil Parish of Greenham, Newbury Racecourse is known to host both flat races and races over jumps. The racecourse has been the host of one of the great Britain’s flat race in the class of Group 1 called the Lockinge Stakes. Races done here are always screened on the Racing UK, UK’s number one channel for horse racing activities.


At its current location, the first meeting for this racecourse was held back in 1905. Records indicate that the first racing activity in this part of UK was held in 1905. The “Newbury Races” as it came to be called was a two-day meeting held at Enborne Heath. It was later transferred to Woodhay where it was held till 1815. For the next 90 years, these races were never conducted until a man by the name John Porter made a proposal to have a new racecourse in Newbury.

The plan by Porter was however rejected by the Jockey Club, which had put very strict conditions for qualifying. The Jockey Club eventually approved an application after a meeting with King Edward VII. The Newbury Racecourse Company was formed later in 1904 and plans to construct a racecourse started.

The first race meeting was held in September 1905 in which Charles Trigg riding the Copper King won a silver cup. National Hunt racing was introduced later here. It was a race that lasted nine days in 1906. Six of the nine days were set for flat racing while the rest were set aside for jumps. Newbury Racecourse became a camp for prisoners of war during the First World War.


A incidence in 2011 caused a lot of anxiety and attracted the eyes of the media together with many race loves. It happened in February involved two horses named Fenix Two and Marching Song. The two horses collapsed in the paddock while they were being paraded for the first race scheduled for that day. Two other horses seemed to be affected, but it immediately was not clear what the problem was. The Novice Hurdle Race of the day went on as planned although it started 20 minutes late. Other races scheduled for the day were abandoned. It was later reported that there were leaking electric cables that run under the parade ring. A postmortem conducted on the two horses indicated that they had died of heart failure resulting from an electrocution.

Notable races

Some of the most notable races at Newbury Racecourse include the Game Spirit Chase, a Grade 2 chase race involving horses, five years and above and the Greenham Stakes, Grad 2 a flat race involving horses aged three years only. Hungerford Stakes, on the other hand, is a Group 2 flat race with horses three years old and above.


Apart from horse races the Newbury Racecourse hosts a wide range of other events such as weddings, family get together, cooperate outings meetings and conferences. To book an event here, one needs to call to make a reservation while explaining the details the kind d of event one wants. The hospitality team here is great and out to ensure that your event ends up being the best you ever had.