Never Lose A Player Again

Trying to figure out where your players are going? If you have been working out of the same sports bar for years and have done OK booking local action with friends and neighbors, you are probably what it is called an old fashioned bookmaking agent… yeah, sure, you have always liked doing things yourself. That was, you did until your players started you have tried to ignore the Internet, you are losing money. It may seem at first too complicated and too much trouble for an old guy like you to take on but, then look around you… everyone who comes into the bar these days is carrying around one of those little mobile devices.

Aren’t you tired of sitting there on your usual bar stool and watching guys putting in half time wagers on their phones without ever leaving their seats? It’s not a fad, it is a tool and a very useful one. Once you get into it you will began to realize that maybe this is the future of wagering.

Go on the Internet and you can find out about a set of services called price per head, pph companies just work with professional bookmaking agents. Imagine that! Never even thought to look for such a thing, did you? Well, pph services exist and they can change your life.

So contact a few of the services, which are located down in Costa Rica, and speak with the sales agents who will tell all about the service and what it can do for your failing bookie business. You can tell a lot about the quality of the service from the person or persons that you will be dealing with on the phone at this point.

As it turns out, a good pph service can do quite a lot for you. So after some serious comparative shopping, go ahead and sign up with the outfit that impresses you the most. They will immediately take over the bulk of your day to day paper work and record keeping that was taking up so much of your time. You won’t even have to grade games anymore.

It will only take a really good pay per head service a couple of days to build you an attractive web site and put you up live on the Internet. Your old players will be very impressed and you will start getting new players signing up as your guys tell their buddies about the new, easy to use, service you can now offer.