Live Horse Racing

Live Horse Racing

Live horse racing in Britain spans centuries and puts over 3.7 million pounds into the British economy each year. It is big business.

The Grandstands

Each day of the live horse race, there is a time of quiet and anticipation. All the training has been finished. The grandstands are forlorn and empty, and only a few workers are waiting in anticipation of the crowds to come.

In the barns, the horses have been wiped down and stand like statutes in their stalls, once in a while a waft of steam escapes from their nostrils. It is almost as if the horses can sense what is coming. The silence in the building is like a light tremor waiting to happen.

The jockeys are ready, some are pacing and some are sitting; no one is talking.

All of a sudden, there is a quiet whisper, and people start coming. The horse’s ears twitch as they listen to the building throng as the excitement builds

Suddenly, it is a roar. The crowds push for the bet and for a place to watch the explosion of muscle and man to leap from the gate. It is almost time.

In anticipation of the Race

Horse racing in Britain is the second largest spectator sport. Can anyone guess what is the number 1 sport?

Each weekend, 1000’s of people turn to the television and take in the spectacles of the grandstands all over Britain. The bets have been made, and the crowd is electric waiting for the race.