Learn And Play Online Roulette Games

Online Roulette games are easy to learn and play. In this game, Roulette wheel spins in one direction while the ball spins in the opposite direction and in the end, the ball lands on a specific slot and our task is to select a number where the ball will land on. Play roulette online is just one of the most popular forms of gaming on the Internet. Every day, thousands of new online players are added and enjoy the experience of online gamig from home. A typical roulette wheel has 37 slots with 36 numbers and a 0. Roulette game offers a variety of betting suggestions to choose from.

Below is the list of betting options you can make in Roulette game:

7. Corner: Bet on four adjacent numbers.

8. Four numbers : Bet on the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3.

9. Line : You can bet on two street numbers.

10. Column : Here you bet on a column.

11. Dozen: You can bet on the first 12, second 12 and third 12 fields.

12. High or Low : You can bet on a certain side of the field.

Before starting to play roulette game, first it is important to determine whether you play American roulette or European roulette. The European roulette game has a single 0 while American roulette has a single 0 and also double 00. Once started, the dealer throws the ball into the wheel then it can land on 36 numbers, 18 red and 18 black numbers. It can also fall to zero. You can bet on nine different ways, depending on the amount of numbers and different payouts. Bets which are placed directly on numbers are called inside bets while the combinations are indicated on the outside.

So start playing on the ultimate wheel of fortune. You can have the chance to win fantastic prizes with online roulette game! Choose a good online casino website which have licensed casinos and good game selection as well. i am sure that you will get maximum enjoy.