Huntingdon Racecourse: Small But Superb National Hunt Course

Huntingdon Racecourse

Right in the heart of Cambridgeshire is Huntingdon racecourse. It sits at the junction of A14 and A1 in the countryside and only 5 minutes from the Huntingdon market town. It is part of The Jockey Club and it features a unique atmosphere with no tight bends and a fairly flat going. The one mile four furlongs right-handed oval course has no undulations thus very ideal for faster galloping horses although the obstacles (5 hurdles and 9 fences including a water jump and an open ditch) can be a little tricky.

The Racegoers Club voted it the best Small Racecourse in East Angila and South Midlands. Some of the best chases in the history of British horse racing have taken place on this very course. The 9 month activity calendar includes 17 exhilarating jump races spanning throughout the year. Among the most notable events are the Mascot’s Grand National held in September. In November, there is the two and a half mile “Grade 2” Peterborough Chase which is a favorite for top ranked 2 and 3 mile thoroughbred chasers. The annual Boxing Day Race is another popular event here.

All the betting methods and stations are available for your convenience. Shop around for the best bookie who will give you a good deal. You have exactly 5 minutes to place your bet(s) after the horses leave the paddock. You can catch the action from the rails or the stands and enclosures.

horse racing, there are horse shows and car shows which take place on the grounds everyyear. Huntingdon racecourse also opens its doors to the boy scouts movement.
every four years for the CamJam camp which lasts about a week.

Other facilities available include numerous eateries and bars where you can choose from a variety of foods (including fast food) and drinks. There is a picnic area near the car park for those packing picnic baskets. In addition to