How to place your bet

How to Bet on Horse Racing

Betting on horses has been around a long time, probably as long as the horses have been racing. Laying a wager on the outcomes of horse races is both profitable and fun especially if you can often beat the odds and know what you are doing. How to bet on horse racing effectively as such has a lot to do with paying attention to the on goings in the racing tracks as well as mechanics of placing a winning bet. Other important things that matter are your knowledge of the best bets to place as well as the tools available for you to help you improve your odds.

How to place your bet

How to place your bet is a straightforward process that involves stating the bet, picking the ticket and either tearing it if unsuccessful or following up at the bets window if you are skilled or lucky to win.

Essentially, the process entails:

– State the racetrack you want to place your bet on

– Identify the race number you want to bet on

– State the Sterling Pound unit of the bet you are making

– State the type of bet you are making

– Mention the number on the horse or horses you want to bet on

– Ensuring you check and verify the details once you have your receipt and before leaving the window.

Essential betting tools

Many people think sunscreen and binoculars are very essential in a racing track. Well, they are right but of far more importance are racetrack program, the racing forms and handicapping tip sheets. The racetrack program contains information on all horses, trainers, jockeys as well as horse owners. The racing forms on the other hand, profile past performances of the horses included in a particular day’s program complete with important articles on the said horses. Tips sheets as daily selections prepared and published by racetrack handicappers.

Kinds of horse racing bets

How to bet on horseracing and your success depends on the type of wager you make. There are eight types of wagers and all these work differently.

To win – This is the simplest of all kinds of bets. In this case, if you pick the horse you think will win the race and it sure does win then you win. If it does not win, you lose.

Place – In a place bet, the horse you choose has to end the race in a certain position for you to win the bet. In a race of 8 runners, your horse needs to be in position 1 or 2 for you to win the bet.

Each way – This bet is a combination of ‘win’ and ‘place’ wagers. If you bet £20 each way, you are betting £20 it will both win and place. If your horse does not win, you lose £40.

Exacta – To win, you have to guess correctly, which horses will finish the race in positions 1 and 2 respectively.

Trifecta – It is a lot similar to exacta only you bet on the horses to finish in the first three positions.

Quadpot -You have to guess the horse that will place in at least four placepot races.

Placepot – To win, you have to guess the horse that places in every placepot race.

Jackpot – To win a jackpot, you have to guess all the winners of the relevant races, usually six.

Horseracing is fun but before indulging, do ensure you know how to bet on horse racing by internalising this information.