How to Bet on Horses

How to Bet on Horses

If you learn to use a system, you have learned the basics of how to bet on horses. The rest depends on you as to how you utilize your knowledge and put it to practical use.

Anxiety is usually quite high amongst the audience of a horse race, especially just prior to the start of a race. The selectors and handicappers as well as the players are all concerned with their picks and the potential they hold.

All people who are new to horse racing should be aware of these terms. The handicappers are the folks who actually predict the race outcomes. They are setting the “order” of the potential finish based on a set of parameters. They use these parameters to predict the winner, the second place finisher as well as the horse that finishes in third. The player on the other hand is the better. The person making bets on the races, usually following a prescribed set of rules.

Let’s face it; people are attracted to the thrill of gambling. That is the principle reason that the world of horse racing continues to be one of the most popular and entertaining sports the world over. If you understand how to be on a horse then you are probably aware that there are systems involved that dictate what horse you should bet on for any given race. These systems rely on parameters that eliminate horses and leave you with the horse to bet on for that race.

There are rules that may eliminate horses based on previous races. Other rules will eliminate horses that finished a certain distance from the winner on previous races. This series of steps takes emotion out of the decision and as said, it results in you having one horse left after the elimination. The horse that is left on your list, if you follow and stick to your system will be the horse to bet on for that race. It is essential to use systems like this if you are serious about betting on horses.

A system does for the player what the professional selector does himself. It arranges all the variables of the race into a distinct pattern which is most likely to result in the winning horse. The variables are mostly all based on the past performance of the horses. The player always hopes that the past pattern will also continue for this particular race as well. If it does he is in luck. If it does not, well it was a gamble all along anyways.

People may think that the more complex a system, the better, but that is a common misconception. Most systems employ strategies that use past race variables, and sometimes the simple systems work best.

It is always advised to use the system as guidance but never rely on it completely. Many players have lost fortunes because they did not go with their instincts and blindly relied on the betting system. No system is perfect. There are always considerable flaws in every system. One should always choose the system which considers the maximum number of variables and works on them with great scrutiny.