Hexham Racecourse

Hexham Racecourse

Found in Hexham, England, Hexham racecourse is among the most popular racing horse tracks in the world. Lying 800 feet above sea level, the racing horse track is a left- handed circuit with a length of about 1 mile. The track has short uphill climb as you approach its finishing straight. The national hunt-racing course boasts of ten fences where steeplechasers can negotiate. In terms of the location, this race is the most northerly course in the country. Because of its position, the racecourse does not host any racing event in the month of February.

The racing track hosts thoroughbred horse racing, which is a universal sport that uses thoroughbred horse for racing. The sport has two main forms namely jump racing and flat racing. Flat racing takes place under varying different distances as well as on different terms. The other countries where flat racing is very common include France, Australia, United States of America and Ireland just to mention of them. Ireland and Kentucky are some of the famous centres where breeding takes place. On the other hand, jump racing usually takes place from 4/12 miles while that the same time the horses taking part in the race carry more weight.

When it comes to types of races, Hexham offers a number of options to the runners. Some of them include the following

•Handicap race- involves handicapped runners who carry more weight with them. In theory, all the horses have a chance to display their competitiveness.

•Maiden race- The race involves horses from various age groups. The runners of this rave have never won the race. Furthermore, the race has no handicapped penalties.

•Claiming race- The race provides buyers and sellers to trade in horses. Once you buy a racing horse, the race officials will remove the ownership tag before allowing you to have it.