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Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual horse racing began on sites such as and and has since been picked up by dozens of other sites. Individuals looking to participate in breeding and training virtual horses can find out how to get started in the “games” sections of these sites. When it comes to betting, anybody can place bets on virtual horse racing, and it works just like with regular races.

Since the emergence of virtual horse racing in the UK in 2006, thousands of players from across the world have been picking up on this exciting and innovative game. Some players come strictly for the betting, following virtual horses, jockeys, and trainers just like with regular “live” horse racing. Others get into the gamer aspect, working to breed, train, buy, sell, and race the virtual horses.

In some corners of the betting world, virtual horse racing has even become more popular than real life races, with major factors such as convenience, abundance of races, and better tracking methods pleasing racing enthusiasts. Also, virtual racing cuts down on animal cruelty since no real horses are used in the races.

Betters can track the history, genetics, and other important factors of any virtual horse. There are generally more virtual horse races per day than regular races, which gives betters an expanded range of opportunities.

If you don’t have time to watch a virtual race live, then finding out the results is easy. To get virtual horse racing results today, simply visit any of the sites which offer virtual horse racing. Most of these sites will post the results from all the recent virtual races, and you can even watch playback of the race right on the site.