Epsom Racecourse

Epsom Racecourse


Epsom Racecourse is located near Epsom Surrey in England. It has a carrying capacity of 120,000 people and is owned by Jockey Club Racecourses. The racecourse is known for flat left-handed racing and has its races often screened by Racing UK. Two of the most famous races hosted here is The Derby Stakes that is largely referred to as Epsom Derby and The Oaks Stakes.


Although the first recorded race here is in 1661, burial records indicate that a man named William Stanley lost his life here when he fell from his horse and broke his neck. It is thus very likely that racing here started earlier than this recorded date. The racecourse has been referenced in 1963’s diary of Samuel Pepys and also it is said the Charles II frequented it. Around 1684, Epsom Racecourse already has a clerk and hosted two meetings yearly by 1730.

The Oaks race organized by Edward Smith-Stanley in 1779 had an intention of having him race with his friends. The race grew in popularity as it became very successful and was largely known as Epsom Derby. A film titled Berby Day set in 1952 in the racecourse contributed further to the racecourse’s popularity.


Located between Langley Vale and Tadworth, the Epsom Racecourse makes up a very large public area where interested people can watch the Derby for free. This has made it the most watched sporting event over the years in the UK. This race challenges even the most experienced horses. The third largest racehorse training facility in the entire UK is housed here under the able management of Epsom Trainer’s Society. Accessing this facility is made easy by the railway line and good paved roads.


Over the years, Epsom Racecourse has provided an exciting opportunity for the best horses to prove their worth while still offering top-notch entertain for fans. If you are looking for the best way to spend your free time, then consider watching a race here as you will surely enjoy.