Catterick Racecourse

Catterick racecourse

Catterick racecourse is the most glamorous track in northern Yorkshire. The race course has a reputation of being the true home of northern racing scene with the venue a firm favourite for trainers, racers and the public viewers. It is the busiest track in Yorkshire with racing taking place all year round.

The track has a long history with the first recorded race happening on April 22nd 1783 though it was not until 1813 that a permanent course was built. Over time, developers have refurbished the course to modernize it but they have ensured that the informal appearance of the course is maintained. The framework of the 1906 stand is still visible linked with the modern grandstand creating a unique view that connects the past and the present. No matter the occasion, Catterick Racecourse is guaranteed to provide anyone with a breath taking, fun and relaxing experience all year round.


The course is based on the Municipality of Catterick Bridge, Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 7PE, England.
Phone: 01937 580 051

Track Characteristics

The track covers a little bit over a mile and is a left-handed track, sharp and undulating and has a three furlong run in. The subsoil of the track is made of gravel meaning that the track has a good going all year round.

Key Fixtures

The Grand National of North Yorkshire, held in January is the feature event on the course. It is the longest race on the track and is always oversubscribed.
Also the Sunday market in Catterick which is held on the Catterick course is the major Sunday market held in the northern part of England.

With plans in place to build an all-weather track and to transform the design of the National Hunt track, Catterick Racecourse is surely bound for greatness as it maintains its reputation as a world class horse racing track offering a friendly yet competitive setting all year round.