Carlisle Racecourse

Carlisle Racecourse

One of the most popular racecourses in the UK is Carlisle racecourse. The racecourse is based at Blackwell village near Carlisle in Cumbria. Carlisle racecourse has been at its current location since the year 1904 when it was moved from another that was near Carlisle.

The racecourse is right handed and is 2.41km in circumference. During the summer, Carlisle racecourse hosts flat racing and it hosts National Hunt racing during the winter. Another notable feature of the racecourse is that the last half mile of the course is a steep incline.

History of Carlisle racecourse

For many years, Carlisle has been known to have a strong tradition in horse racing. The first race in this area happened in 1599 and was hosted at Swift which was the main venue before Carlisle Racecourse came into existence. The race was known as Carlisle Bell.

In the year 1904, Carlisle Racecourse was relocated to its present day location and has been giving its fans the thrill that they deserve. History was made in the year 1929 when the course played a host to tote betting system. This was the first time for this betting to happen on a British racecourse. Since the year 2002, the racecourse has been refurbished and modernized to give spectators more enjoyable treat.

Famous races

Here are some of the notable races that Carlisle Racecourse has hosted.

Bell and Plate Day: This is the biggest race of the season. Cumberland race and Carlisle races take place on this day.
Easter Saturday: The racecourse gives Easter treat to spectators accompanied with other forms of entertainment for the family.
The Coors Cumberland Handicap Chase: This is a race held on the Countryside Day and is highly priced making it the richest race in Carlisle Racecourse
Located in Carlisle Racecourse is the Swift Restaurant which serves visitors who have premier enclosure’s badge. The racecourse also provides a variety of hospitality packages that give visitors maximum enjoyment.