Stratford Racecourse

Stratford Racecourse

Stratford-on-avon Racecourse or simply the Stratford Racecourse is a race for thoroughbred horses. It runs 18 fixtures, which take place from March to October and many of the best jockeys race there. It is not far from Stratford-on-Avon town center, with access to/from almost all of the roads that lead to the Stratford town.

It can also be reached by train – the Stratford station is a 5 minute drive away by taxi, and also the Birmingham International Airport is located 20 miles away from Stratford.

The National Hunt is left-handed, flat and sharp, with short finishing straight. The circuit is 1mile and 2 feet long. It is well known for their excellent prizes in money on race days and is home of a brilliant, attractive environment.

Birthplace of William Shakespeare, Steeplechase racing at Stratford has taken place since 1755. The grandstand was upgraded in 1997 and was equipped with a brand new glass-front making the views even more spectacular.

It has been awarded the ROA Gold Standard Award for care and facilities for Race day Owners, which shows the good care they deliver to the horse owners, which includes accommodations, complimentary meals for horses, among lots of other available things.

Two special fixtures take place in July: The Family day race, and the Lady’s day race. The Family Day is the busiest of the racing days, where lots of free children activities take place, along with the races. The Lady’s represents the climax of the social calendar, where, during the horse races, the competitions of Best Dressed Lady, Best Dressed Couple and Best Hat take place.

Stratford-on-Avon is also home of other events such as the Motor home Show and Car Boot Sales, along with the campsite/touring park. It is really a nice place, not only for the races, but for its atmosphere and people. There you are, enjoy yourselves!


Southwell Racecourse

Southwell Racecourse

With its first grandstand built in 1886, the horse racecourse at Southwell Racecourse has been functioning since 1850. Back then the riding conditions were difficult so a new turf track was installed in 1897 to make the racing better.

The Southwell Racecourse racecourse was modified to grow to be all-weather in 1989 which allowed at that location to be all-weather, flat turf and National Hunt horseracing throughout every season.

It has carried on developing and has currently turned into one of the most active racecourses in Great Britain with as much as 70 horseracing meetings each year. The really well attended Annual Ladies Day and Family Days are breathtaking day occasions of which Southwell Racecourse racecourse is deservedly proud, each drawing the attention of as much as 7000 visitors to the program.

Shaped as a flat left-handed oval, the Southwell Racecourse is among the 4 all-weather tracks in the area, the others to be Lingfield, Wolverhampton as well as Kempton. In spite of this Southwell Racecourse is the single of these courses having fiber-sand for the surface – the other 3 have changed their surface areas to polytrack.

The fiber-sand is usually regarded as a stamina test of both the horse and also the jockey and there might be a good deal of ‘kickback’ from the loose area that may impede lots from performing at their best as well as horses which on a regular basis race at Southwell Racecourse as they are known to deal with the kickback frequently prove to have a very good record at the track.

The fiber-sand surface area is more sluggish than polytrack and the outcomes are usually much like that of soft turf ground circumstances when the athletes end spread out. The equipment employed for harrowing and moving the surface area will eventually produce an impermanent bias for the draw however this is certainly much more recognisable when there is an unexpected change in the weather conditions, either significant heavy rain as well as a much sharpened frost. The rain has a tendency to permit the sand to become more compact and the surface area becomes faster.


Sedgefield Racecourse

Sedgefield Racecourse

Sedgefield Racecourse is a English horse racing-course which is close to the village Sedgefield situated south of the City of Durham. The course is left-handed,and it is exclusively used for jump racing only since the early days. The finishing straight is about three furlongs in length, and a steep descent followed by a climb to the winning post after the last fence.

In 2012 there were 18 fixtures held on this race course with meeting held almost each month other than June and July. These days the place is also being used for public events such as wedding and ceremonies, but its history goes back up to the 17th century though very little is known about these early meetings.

Notable Facts:

This Course is mostly used for jump races and the last fence was noted longer than the grand national course and had a staggering 525 yards run-in, however in 1994 the fence was replace by a regular length run-in instead of a water jump. Also In The Last Century, the Sedgefield Racecourse almost shutdown three times once because of the death of Harry Lane in 1977, second after the death of Mr. Scotto’s in 1996, and third after three horses died after running into and accident on the field.

The Race course survived all three closure threatening occasions after which the course was bought by Northern Racing in 2001, who 600 thousand pounds to upgrade all the enclosures, parade tings, places to eat and basically the entire stadium and even the toilets and sewage systems.

Upcoming Events:

There are a Many fixtures carried upon this race course each year one of the most notable being the Durham National held each April which features an unusual distance length of three and three quarter miles somewhat like its famous counterpart Aintree.


Sandown Racecourse

Sandown Racecourse

Sandown Racecourse is located in Esher, Surrey, England. This is in the outer suburbs of London. This racecourse was opened in 1875. It was one of the first racecourses to charge people for attending its opening. This racecourse has hosted widely known and remembered contests for horses and riders. It occupies a high position in the horse racing history of the British.

Sandown racecourse is known for horse racing and leisure activities. This race course is owned by the Jockey Club. It mainly has frequent horse racing during weekends, evenings and afternoons. It also hosts other numerous events like auctions, private events, car shows, concerts, weddings, toy fairs, property shows and trade shows. It is located near Esher railway station. It is therefore easily accessible especially when one uses trains from London Waterloo.

This particular racecourse has uphill and downhill type of race tracks. These tracks are efficient for all types of races. This is because they create challenges for the horses and riders. They therefore make the races fun and enjoyable to watch. These race tracks are well fenced thus are safe. Those watching can stand along the tracks to cheer for their racers.

Sandown Racecourse has featured many legendary races. These include the Grand National Hunt Chase and the Grand International Steeple Chase. These races are now staged at major festivals. It has also hosted other numerous notable races. These include Imperial Cup, Heroes Handicap Hurdle, Sandown Mile, Contenders Hurdle, Esher Cup, Eclipse Stakes, Celebration Chase and many more.

Sandown Racecourse is therefore a well known racecourse that is suitable for any type of horse race. Its location is suitable for many to attend the events and cheer racers while relaxing at the same time. It hosts horse races at great prices and is dependable at all times


Salisbury Racecourse

Salisbury Racecourse


Salisbury Racecourse is located approximately four miles from Salisbury town, Wiltshire in England. It is a flat racecourse that features thoroughbred horse racing since the mid-16th century. Races held here are majorly screened on Racing UK. It is one of the racecourses in England with the longest history.


Available records about this racecourse indicate that racing here started in the early 1600’s making it one of the oldest racecourses in England. Bibury Club, the oldest racing club in the entire world is housed here. This club was started back in 1685 and held numerous meeting before Stock Bridge and Bibury racecourses were closed. Its patronage was moved to Salisbury where it is to date.


The racecourse has been able to blend its races with other exciting facilities that include catering outlets and bars. There is also a big screen on the other side of the stands. Any children accompanying parents to the racecourse are welcome at Salisbury Racecourse. There is exclusive entertainment for children during the evening and weekend race meetings.

For food and drinks, alfresco dining can be accessed from some centrally located restaurants such as Cranes Wine Café, The Market Inn, Leonardo’s, Ox Row Inn among others. If you are a lover of Asian food, then, you should make a date with Fisherton Street and Bridge Street. Here you will get a wide variety of Thai, Indian and Chinese cuisine at a reasonable price.

Notable races

The most notable races in this facility include Sovereign Stakes a Grade 3 race covering a distance of 6 furlongs raced by horses three years old and above. The Cathedral Stakes race is also held here and involves horses that are three years old and above racing 1 mile. It is a Group 3 race too.


Being one of the most experience racecourses in England based on its number of years in operation, the Salisbury Racecourse provides the best thrill and fun that comes with horse racing. If you are looking for a way of spending some free time in Salisbury, consider a day here.


Ripon Racecourse

Ripon Racecourse

Ripon racecourse is a purebred horseracing venue in England. It is among the greatest attractions that have lasted over the years. The cathedral city boasts museums and historical buildings; Ripon has hosted the greatest races in the last three centuries. The racecourse attracts huge numbers of crowds globally who make a date to the eventful event. Ripon racecourse having been rated the best small racecourse, also offers a serene environment for family picnics, with assurance of great food and services as you enjoy the races.

Ripon hosts an annual horse race and includes great events like The Big night out, a family day, a ladies day out and other fixtures throughout the year that cater for all age groups including children. The race is a right-handed flat track with sharp turns and a run in of five furlongs, which slightly rises to the winning post. High numbers work well on the round course while low numbers do best in the sprints on fast ground.

Nothing beats a well-organized horse racecourse. The organizers ensure that you make the most out of the races; they offer the pre-parade ring before the main race. This is done twenty minutes before the main race. There is also the parade ring where the trainer meets their connectors, followed by the jockey for pre-race discussions. Ripon has betting rings and hence they allow placing of bets some few minutes before the race. During the race, they have epic viewing from all enclosures. After the race, all horses get back and are met by their grooms.

Ripon races come with great packages. The packages are well made to fit different tastes and preferences. They include platinum, gold, silver, bronze and barbeque and party packages that come with different discounts. Booking of the races is very easy and manageable as it can be done online and all tickets are delivered on time.

The costs too vary depending on the package preferred. This makes the Ripon racecourse one not to miss as it caters for all with their friendly budgets. Family, friends, corporates can enjoy the top-notch hospitality offered at Ripon. It serves as a means for staff motivation and family bonding. Ripon racecourse should be top of your bucket list. Anytime you think of a horse race, think of Ripon.


Redcar Racecourse

Redcar Racecourse

Redcar Racecourse is one of the best thoroughbred horse racing venues in England. The racecourse is located on Thrush Road, Redcar in North Yorkshire, England.

The Redcar Racecourse is a seaside track that is oval shaped and is known to be very flat in nature unlike other racecourses that are either uphill or downhill. It is one of the few full flat racecourses in England and the current racecourse was set up sometime during 1870 to 1875. Prior to the period, all races were held at Coatham.

The course is left handed and has an oval shape. The track is very hard to master as the tight-banked bends are very hard to maneuver around. The track is known for its 3f chute that is situated where the straight meets the top bend. The course is known to have the only traight Mile’ in the United Kingdom. Straight miles are referred to straight and level stretches on the racecourse. The straight course is often used for one-mile races for younger horses.

There are many quality races that are held on the track in a flat season and one of the most popular races include a 150,000-pound nursery race that is meant for 2 year old horses. Due to the sophisticated nature of the racecourse, Redcar manages to attract some of the best quality horses and trainers around.

Redcar Racecourse also doubles up as a full time events center due to it being in the Tees Valley area. The owners and trainers’ facilities at the racecourse are great for relaxing between races and training. The course also features two restaurants – The Crow’s Nest and the Voltigeur.

The Redcar Racecourse is mostly active during the period of April to November, spread across 18 weekends. The great racecourse combined with the smart facilities makes it one of the best racecourses in the country.


Racing Tipster You Should Trust

Racing Tipster

The first thing people to do is contact their prospective racing tipster. This may sound basic and almost elementary; however it is an excellent way of finding out about them and an effective way to start forming an opinion of them.

A few emails to begin with should suffice; ask about their background, their successes, and their failures. Try to establish how long they have been providing racing tips to punters and how they got into horse racing.

Ask them how successful their service is. Anyone who claims they’ve never had failures can be eliminated from your list straight away, as can the tipsters who claim make you rich overnight with a strike rate of 95 per cent.

If they are charging a subscription or one-off fee for their services, then ask them if they can offer you a free trial of their service. If they’re genuine, and they’re keen to increase their membership, plus keep their reputation intact, and then they ought to oblige you a trial period of their racing tips.

Once again, anyone who comes across as reluctant to do so, or evasive, avoiding particular questions should be prevented. Furthermore, you are certain to start forming an opinion of them over time, and your gut instinct may well tell you that they are not to be trusted.

Should You Follow Your Initial Impression?

This is an intriguing one, as you’re never satisfied to know whether you’ve made the right choice until you’ve made it. The main thing is, if you’re experimenting without paying a penny, then, at least, you’re not throwing money away to find out that the service you’ve chosen is not suitable for you.

It sounds like an interrogation, coupled with a sprinkling of science and a bit of gut instinct thrown in, but seriously this is easier than you think. By asking specific questions, some of which I have highlighted in this article, you will be able to more accurately assess the good from the not so good.

As you ask more questions and start to form a little relationship with a tipster, you should start to think whether or not you feel this is right, and whether he can be trusted to give you the information that’s going to get you some winners on a relatively regular basis.

It’s a bit like buying a car, as you know what you want the result to be, for example, own a car, or in this case, achieve some winners.

The key lies in the person ‘selling’ you the car (or racing tips), as if you develop a good relationship with him, you may be tempted to buy from him, however if there appears to be something not quite right about him, then walk away.


How And Where To Find Horse Racing Results Yesterday

Horse Racing Results Yesterday

The internet proved to be the most effective source to find out the horse racing results yesterday & today. Many websites are available to help you stay up-to-date on the procedures of the race arranged at any time as well as at places all over the world.

Horse race as well as betting on such races is lawful. It’s a million dollar business that draws clients and sports fanatics from various parts around the globe. The advance in technologies and also the advent of the internet makes live streaming of the horse race videos which is turn, is drawing more prospective customers in to the business.

Numerous websites are accessible to report the results of the race rapidly and immediately throughout the race and in addition they give a comprehensive report on numerous factors such as climate conditions, track circumstances as well as the health of the horse which had impacted the results of that specific race. Many websites focus on at horse racing results for today & yesterday held at a specific region. Occasionally, these sites are devoted to a specific kind of race and also the information related to it.

BBC sports and also focus on display racing results of horse and provides instant updates regarding any kind race happening in any part of the world. Additionally, there are websites along with options that allow you to browse and be aware of the results according to the date at which the big event happened or a few of the websites are more specialized and provide performance reports of the individual horses taking part in the race.

A regular analysis of horse racing results will keep a racing enthusiast up-to-date with the sport. Research and information collection has become simpler online. The internet includes a number of websites in which the results are discussed. Numerous websites will provide you with info on different factors of horse racing. Therefore you may create a database of your through gathering details about different horses, jockeys as well as tracks and make a base from where you can get involved with horse racing without actually burning your fingers.


Race Horses For Sale

Race Horses For Sale

In recent years online sites with databases of race horses for sale have emerged making the whole procedure a lot easier.

Horse racing is one of the most ancient sports in history, varying widely depending on the country they are taking place. Horses are raced mainly for sport and entertaining purposes although one of the most prospering activities in the industry is race horse selling.

The main purpose of selling race horses is obviously the profit and the prices range from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars depending on the breed, the condition, the pedigree, the age of the race horse and the market condition.

One of the most determining factors of the price of the race horse is its ancestors. Racing horses that come from purebred parents that have gained metals or awards as racing horses in the past are more likely to be priced higher than the ones who don’t come from racing parents.

One of the most expensive if not the most expensive race horse sale in history is that of the Green Monkey named horse, which has sold for over 18.8 million dollars in 2006.Bearing that price in mind makes it easy to imagine how lucrative is this industry to certain individuals.

Record auction prices in race horse sales are usually producing a lot of headlines, though the selling price point is not an indicator of future performance in many cases.

The Green Monkey has suffered from various injuries and its market value has dropped significantly since 2006.Of course or race horses for sale, require a certain amount of caring and health checking if the buyer in buying the horse as an investment in order to sell it at a higher price later.

Race horses require everyday training and racing exercises as well as high quality nutrition in order to thrive and be able to continue taking part in races.