An Overview of Hamilton Racecourse

Hamilton Racecourse

Hamilton Racecourse is located in Hamilton, of which is an area in Scotland the south of Glasgow. It is owned by the Hamilton Park Trust, and has been home to some notable races. These include; the Glasgow stakes, Braveheart stakes, as well as the Lanark Silver Belt. The other notable race is the Scottish Stewards Cup. It has an enviable history of horse racing which dates way back in the 18th Century. As from the year 1782, this venue has been used for horse racing-and this is something that makes it a great sporting heritage.

This flat racing venue has a season that begins in May and end in October-and it gets a lot of visitors with some enjoying the day whereas others engaging in horse betting. It has been a trend setter in Britain as the first one to stage an evening event, as well as the very first one to stage morning meeting. It is not only known for horse racing, but creativity in the very essence of the word. As a matter of fact, Hamilton race course is also known for its entertainment and glamour. Overall, these are two things that make it stand out from the many different race courses in the area.

Facts about Hamilton Racecourse

There are several things that make this racecourse unique and these are; over 100,000 visitors every single year and press coverage of more than 750,000 pounds. In the year 2015, potential media coverage of well over 52 million people was attained. The events are usually broadcast live in more than 10,000 betting shops in Ireland and UK. As far as the race is concerned, it is usually broadcast live in more than 37 countries around the globe. It is with these statistics that Hamilton Race becomes one of the top around the world. The better part of it is that it also host weddings and other events-this is one place everyone can enjoy visiting for business or leisure.