Aintree Racecourse: The Racecourse Hosting the Most Difficult to Finish Horse Race in the World


Aintree Racecourse is located in England in Aintree, Merseyside a few miles from Liverpool. It is owned by Jockey Club Racecourses and has been operational since 1929. It is currently served by Aintree railway station after Aintree Racecourse Railway Station was closed in 1962.


Aintree Racecourse is the world famous course for Grand National steeplechase race held annually with horses jumping over 30 fences in two raps. Since 1839, steeplechasing has been taking palace here and is regarded as the most difficult to finish of all racecourses. Some of the renowned obstacles used here include Valentine’s, The Chair, Canal Turn, Foinavon, Becher’s Brook. These are most infamous obstacles in the UK that even the most professional jockeys dread. Motor racing has also been taking palace in this racecourse with The British Grand Prix being held here between 1955 and 1962. Only one driver has ever completed both the motor and the horse race. The course further has a 9-hole golf course and driving range and has attracted various music celebrities such as the late Michael Jackson.

The Grand National

The Grand National is the world’s most prestigious race and has attracted a funding prize amount to £1 million in 2015. It covers over 4 miles, 2 furlongs and 74 yards and is considered as the toughest steeplechases in the world. At the start of the race, 40 races participate but most of them do not finish as those that arrive at the finishing line are usually less than ten. Red Rum has won most victories in this race with three wins in the 1970s. He also came second on two occasions.


Aintree Racecourse is one famous racecourse with many memorable events. It gives visitors more than one reason for visiting it making it unique compared to other racecourses in Europe. People will also enjoy visiting a racecourse with a history of hosting the biggest racecourse event in the world.